What Are Three Types Of Relationship Advice?

If you think you might be in need of free relationship advice, it might make the most sense for you to try and narrow down which specific type of advice you are looking for. Since a lot of people don’t even necessarily know what they need, I decided to put together this article so I could list three of the major categories where you might end up needing some help.

The first relationship advice category that I’d like to mention to you now is in the area of saving your marriage. This is a big topic, and there is a lot of good advice out there, because people have invested a lot of time in their marriage, and they probably even have kids. So they want to do their best to save this relationship so that everybody is happy and the couple will stay together and enjoy each other’s company for the rest of their lives.

The second type of relationship advice that you might need would be in the area of general dating. A lot of people have a difficult time when it comes to dating, and there is some very good advice out there that can not only help you land the person of your dreams, but learn how to navigate those relationship waters so that you both can finally live happily ever after together. That’s everybody’s goal, so that’s obviously what you’re going to want to learn about.

The third type of relationship advice that a lot of people want to know about is how to cheat on their significant other without getting caught. I know it might not be the nicest thing in the world, but there are a lot of people out there who look for this advice and information because they’re getting bored with their relationship and they want to step outside of it for a little while. I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to tell you what I’ve seen, and this is another big topic.

These are three major categories of free relationship advice. If you think you need help in any of these areas, then you should look around online to see if you can find any information that make sense to you.

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Where To Find The Best Relationship Advice For Free

The one thing I’ve noticed lately is that there is a lot of free relationship advice all over the place these days. But the thing you need to really be aware of is that not all this relationship advice is going to be great. Since there is so much of it, you can expect that a lot of the people offering this advice really aren’t experts, so they might not necessarily know precisely what they’re talking about.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore all of the relationship advice being freely offered on the web. You just need to know how to distill this information so that you can find the best pieces of advice that will certainly be good for you. That’s why I want you to follow the tips that I present to you because they will help you narrow down your searches and you’ll be able to find the best relationship advice possible.

The first thing you need to do is use the search engines to determine which people offering relationship advice are true experts in the field. You will be able to find this out by checking to see if they have a blog that is filled with all different types of advice, or maybe they even have a book geared toward helping people with their relationships. Whatever the case may be, they will have plenty of information out there proving to you that they are definitely an expert in this field.

Once you determine who the experts are, then you need to figure out which one of those experts is an authority in the specific topic that you are wondering about. Maybe you are trying to save your marriage, and out of all the experts that you’ve uncovered, only one of them might happen to be a expert at saving relationships by preventing divorce. So you obviously want to use this person’s information as opposed to somebody else who’s trying to teach you about dating.

This is the best way to narrow down free relationship advice. So use this method and find the best relationship advice possible.

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Pay Careful Attention To The Source With Free Relationship Advice

If free relationship advice is needed for any reason this can be found on the Internet, through friends and family, or even through volunteer counselors who have training in this area and volunteer time to help others. It is very important that the source of the advice is examined closely before deciding to follow the advice given. Most relationship advice from others is offered with the best of intentions but at times this advice may not be benign or may have unintended consequences.

Sometimes advice on a relationship is given without any solicitation. Someone may have a grudge, be jealous, or simply like to start conflict. This individual may offer advice freely and without being asked, not with the intention of helping the couple but rather with the design to interfere in the relationship instead. Paid counselors are not always a safe bet either, and in the past there have been horror stories about the new spouse being the old marriage counselor.

Whether free relationship advice is offered or this advice comes with a cost make sure to pay careful attention to the source of the advice. Ignore any advice that may come with any motives that are questionable, or advice that does not fit well. Some websites and businesses offer free advice but there may be a hook involved. The couple may have to sign up as a member or provide personal information. Some free sessions are simply used to draw in potential clients, and then the real advice starts once the client starts to pay.

Online sources for free advice should be carefully evaluated to determine if the advice given is actually free or if there are any strings or conditions attached. The point of relationship advice is to improve the relationship and the communication between the partners, not to create conflict or place one partner in the position of the bad guy while the other partner is viewed as blameless.

A healthy relationship takes work and effort. In many cases free relationship advice can help improve the relationship but this is not always the case. Consider whether the source of the advice is one that is trusted or if the advice should be ignored because the source is not credible.

Free Relationship Advice Vs Paid Relationship Counseling

Comparing free relationship advice and paid relationship counseling can help evaluate both options and show which one is right in a specific situation. Paid counseling involves a fee and both parties will usually attend the sessions. The counselor is trained in the problems experienced in a relationship and understands how to resolve these issues peacefully and in a nonthreatening manner. The charge for a counseling session will vary, depending on the state and specific city location as well as the individual counselor.

Free advice on relationships may be provided by a trained therapist or by others, who often mean well but do not have the training or knowledge to resolve relationship problems successfully. Friends and family members always seem to have well meant advice but often the results are not what the individual is looking for. This is not to say that advice must be paid for to be accurate or effective, only that a professional relationship counselor is very experienced and knowledgeable in this area.

One benefit of free relationship advice is that the cost for this advice can fit into any budget that exists. Some counseling sessions that have a cost can become expensive over time. At a rate of $50-$100 per hour minimum in most areas a few hourly sessions per week could eat up any extra income or savings quickly.

Both free advice and paid counseling can be highly effective, can fail miserably, or can land somewhere between these two. Just because a counselor is paid does not mean that they are a genius or psychic, and there is no guarantee that the relationship will improve after the counseling is completed. Free advice should not be ignored just because there was no charge for the advice, some of the best relationship tips are offered online for free to anyone willing to look for these tips.

Making a comparison between free relationship advice and paid counseling should include all of the relevant factors and information. Paid counseling allows both parties to explain actions, emotions, and conflicts. The counselor then examines the situation and offers advice based on the actual relationship. Free advice may be one sided, because the feelings and thoughts of both parties are not considered in some cases. Both methods can be used to strengthen a relationship, but one method may be better than the other in some cases.

Where To Find Free Relationship Advice

Many people wonder where to find free relationship advice. The answers may be surprising. There are a wide range of resources for this subject. A quick online search will reveal thousands of articles on relationship problems and how to make a relationship work. Blog posts, articles in counseling journals, and other online resources can provide tips on what works in a relationship and what is dysfunctional or damaging. These resources provide general information only though, and the individual relationship is not examined.

Family members can be a good source of advice on relationships. Consider discussing the current problems in a relationship with a trusted friend or family member who has a good track record where relationships are concerned. One of the most important things in a relationship is communication. Any advice that improves the communication between partners is solid advice and will help to improve most relationships.

One important aspect to remember is that free relationship advice is not always correct. Even trained marriage counselors may give bad advice on occasion and individuals who are not trained in this area can make things worse at times. It is also important to make sure that the advice comes from someone who has no ulterior motives. Advice given by a jealous friend or conniving ex may not be the best advice to take.

Some counselors may offer a free session to couples in an effort to get the individuals communicating. These sessions usually lead to a recommendation for further sessions which are not free, and in some cases there is bias towards assuming the relationship has issues that need to be worked out. Online support groups and networks can be invaluable if advice is needed and counseling is not an option in the budget. Many dating sites also offer sections on improving relationships and tips on keeping communication open.

Make sure that the free relationship advice does not come with any strings attached or any ulterior motives. Some of the advice given is exceptional but some advice may not be right for a specific situation or relationship. Make sure that the person giving the advice is trusted and is looking out for the interests of both parties in the relationship.

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